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services for Canadian small businesses and professionals.

Traditional accounting
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We specialize in cloud-based solutions like QuickBooks and Dext because we believe our clients deserve expert service that is simple, fast, and responsive. It informs everything we do. Whether that’s online bookkeeping, payroll, personal and corporate tax preparation, or a full range of cloud-based accounting advisory services.  

By being fully cloud-based we’re able to help you move faster, stay informed, and adapt in real time. We also like that it saves our clients time and money. Who couldn’t use more of those? 

What we bring to the table


You probably didn’t get into business because you love bookkeeping. We did. In fact, it’s our business to help yours run smoothly, and we love it. Let’s talk about getting you back the energy and bandwidth to focus on what you love.


Juggling payroll, T4 filings, preparing Records of Employment, and tax’s a lot for employers to manage. We help clients set up simple, reliable cloud based solutions that streamline the process and keep employees happy, which keeps our clients happy too.

Tax preparation
and returns 

Let's face it, none of our clients like filing income tax, not to mention figuring out complicated returns. What they do like is when we take the hassle off their plates and help them plan to  reach their financial goals. We like that too. 

Tax planning 

There’s a lot more to taxes than paperwork. Correctly executed, tax planning reduces your overall tax burden and liability while guaranteeing that you are receiving all of the benefits and deductions you are entitled to. We can help with that. 

Forecasting and

Accurate forecasting can give you peace of mind, help secure bank loans and lines of credit, and maintain stable, reliable growth. Inaccurate forecasting can lead to financial headaches or worse.  Our experts are here to help keep you on the right path. 

Small business
accounting and advisory services

Proper accounting can make or break a small business. But it’s also one of the most hated and ignored tasks of many small business owners. We know. We’ve seen the shoe boxes of receipts. Our experts help you get things in order without the headaches. 

Online corporate
tax services

We help our corporate clients prepare and file T2s, tackle adjustments, submit annual statements and handle remittances. But more importantly we give them the peace of mind that comes from having a dedicated, knowledgeable accountant working hard to build their business and save them money.


Our QuickBooks Training Services offer comprehensive coaching for the everyday business owners from real, certified, QuickBooks ProAdvisors and accounting specialists with years of in the field experience. We’ll get you tracking expenses, projecting profits, and managing reports like a pro in no time.

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